Stock up with Easter Treats such as Wholesale Cakes and Biscuits from Cotswold Fayre, the Fine Food Supplier

Posted: 22/03/2010

easterChristmas is not long out of the way. Yet already it seems Easter is just around the corner! Cotswold Fayre, the deli wholesaler and speciality food retailer , is reminding all food retailers, delis and farm shops to stock up on a selection of favourite cakes, biscuits, chocolates and Easter treats to meet seasonal demands.

If you are a food retailer you can expect to see your sales of cakes, biscuits and confectionary items increase over March and April. As well as purchasing for gifts, there will also be a guilty surge of customers eager to purchase tasty treats for themselves after having given up a favourite food like chocolate over lent!

It is not all about Easter eggs, customers might be after  Simnel cake, this is a traditional cake baked for tea time at Easter. The good news for food retailers is that as a seller of wholesale cakes, our diverse cake selection includes a mini Simnel cake. This delicious cake, from the Simply Delicious Cake Company, is packed with gorgeous vine fruits and mixed spice finished with the signature layer of marzipan running through the centre.  Once more because the cakes are ‘mini’ your customers won’t feel as bad purchasing them from you. A pack of 12 has a wholesale price of £28.90.

If you are after stocking some alternative treats and Easter Gifts to sell why not check out our Easter Gift section. A few of our favourites are:

  • Easter Themed Gift Bars
  • Giant Easter Bunny Lolly
  • ‘Klett’ White Chocolate Rabbit

Not a food retailer?

If you are not a food retailer don’t worry, consumers can simply visit our consumer retail website to purchase a variety of yummy Easter foods, from biscuits, cakes and even giant buttons, and The Mini Simnel cake costs just £3.75!

Cotswold Fayre stocks a wide range of wholesale cakes, biscuits and confectionary items including some Easter specials – to view the ranges visit:

Posted by Paul Hargreaves
22 March 2010, 04.21 pm
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